Basketball is a sport of millimetres and milliseconds, a fraction to long and you miss the game winner, a fraction too slow with the pass or the step and you turn the ball over or draw the foul.

In order to take control of the court and every play you need to be in peak physical condition, that means not only having healthy ankles, knees and backs but also improving every aspect of your physicality.

At Core Advantage we have over 18 years experience working with basketball athletes of every level from under 12s through to current and past NBL, WNBL, and olympic level athletes. We will help take care of your entire athletic development.

  • Acceleration and speed
  • Agility, foot speed, lateral explosiveness
  • Hip and core strength for better box outs, a stronger defensive stance and improved shooting range
  • Conditioning and repeat sprint ability for bigger fourth quarter efforts
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation


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