Core Advantage is not a normal gym. You can’t just come train here. To see if you are a fit for our gym do these things 

Book a call:

Before coming in, book a call with one of our coaches. That way we can do some research, book in your testing session and learn a little more about you

Testing and Assessment:

Every athlete is different, each with their own emotional, intellectual and physiological strengths and weaknesses. During the hour-long initial consultation we set goals, take a detailed chronological injury history, and conduct a biomechanical screening to ensure we have a clear picture of your performance and where you need to improve. 



From the screen we write you up a custom program, in your first session in the gym you will be taken through the workout 1-1 to show you the rope around the gym and get you moving and grooving. 

Trainign consists of things and exercises.



Nothing works unless you do. That means regular homework will be set for you to maximise your goals and cash in on the training benefits in the gym. Training is only part of the picture, rest, recovery, rolling and stretching may not be fun but they are essential ingredients to the process.

Homework is also fun.


Tapering, long term planning, retesting

We are great cause we re-test every 12 weeks and have been doing so forever. We also sit down and help map out how you are going to maximise your performance for an event coming up real soon.

We think this is a nice thing and you will like it lots.