Flexible Group & Team Options

We offer flexible pricing to suit most budgets. Combines are highly modular and can be delivered over one full day event or can be broken up to suit training and class schedules. Mini-combines of 2-3 tests can also be delivered when time is a constraint.

All Prices include full sport specific testing battery, individual and team digital profiles, physical and digital copies of individual and team results, follow up with coaches to discuss and interpret results, and practical action plans for both the entire team and individuals.

Testing works best if done a minimum of two times per year ideally with around 12 weeks between tests.

Admin fee (one off, same for all group sizes)

Initial testing day and profile creations: $250

All follow up testing sessions: $150 (-40%)

Per athlete cost

$20 per athlete

Testing can be delivered in-house at Core Advantage or externally at your facility (conditions apply). Contact us for more info, pricing or to arrange a session.

Fine print

  • For teams/clubs with more than 100 athletes testing is best done in an all day combine event, contact us for more details.
  • Minimum athlete age 12 years (under 14s)
  • Combo packages for testing/athletic workshops are available for both small teams and larger clubs, contact us for details
  • All prices are for full athletic combines of 8-10 tests. Contact us for options and prices for mini-combines


Know what you need? Not sure what’s right? Either way, submit an enquiry and one of our coaches will give you a call to discuss the best option for your group