With over 100 physical tests to choose from, Core Advantage can replicate or custom build an athletic combine to your teams exact specifications

Our team is with you from start to finish.

When initiating athletic testing it doesn’t take much to get overwhelmed by numbers and statistics. Our testing coaches are fully trained to not only run your club/team testing day but will provide you with team and individual results compared to normative and elite standards and help you interpret the results and create an action plan and take the next steps required to eliminate weaknesses. 


Speed and Agility

Speed kills in nearly every sport, but it’s so hard to track improvements, using the latest technology, Core Advantage can accurately and consistently measure your athletes speed over distances from 5 to 20 metres within a hundredth of a second. We are able to provide data on unlimited splits, peak velocity, average velocity and velocity at specified markers.

We also offer a wide range of general and sports specific agility tests with both non-reactive and reactive test variations available.



Vertical Leap & Eccentric utilisation ratio (EUR)

This classic test has stood the test of time because it reveals so much about an athlete. More than just a basketball and volleyball test, vertical leap ability is reflective of entire lower body strength, power and reactivity. Swimming block starts, baseball pitching, agility and sprinting can all be correlated to vertical leap performance.

EUR is a more in-depth test of vertical leap and stretch shortening cycle capacity. Using GymAware technology we measure peak power and velocity of a standard counter-movement jump and a static seated jump to score your athletes on springiness and elastic capacity.




Anthropometry is the study of dimensions of the human body. Gauge how rapidly your junior athletes are growing, or how you stack up compared to elite athletes from your sport. Anthropometry testing also allows for measurements and tracking of power to weight ratio. Tests include:


Weight (16 years and older only)



Girth measurements (including: Waist – hip – chest ratio)



Flexibility, Mobility & Control

Flexibility is not only a key predictor of a range of injuries but can also be a huge limitation to athleticism. Tests are typically pass/fail scored with a qualitative note in alignment with the latest research. Tests include:

Muscular flexibility 

Joint range of motion

Muscle activation and sequencing



Fitness and Conditioning

While every sport has different energetic demands, the fundamental principles are consistent; Development of sports specific fitness is key to high performance levels. So while the Beep test may no longer be the most valid test, we have a range of fitness tests for nearly every sport:

Repeat sprint fatigue index profiling

Yo-Yo fitness tests (endurance and Intermittent)


V02max estimations


Velocity Based Training (VBT)

VBT is a training/testing methodology that tracks lifting velocity as a way of determining explosive power, maximum strength levels, freshness and readiness to train.

VBT tests are only possible for experienced lifters with high levels of gym competence.

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If you can’t see us in person, we have plenty of online resources available for free to get you started:


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