We offer all testing and workshops in-house at the Core Advantage High Performance Centre (Oakleigh South), or at your facility (Melbourne and surrounding suburbs only)


Team Workshops/education


Each session is a stand-alone and can be delivered as a once off, or as a multi-part series. Topics are flexible and can be adjusted for different age groups.

Sessions vary from 60-90 minutes (depending on content), number of athletes for sessions will vary depending on space and coach to athlete ratios for practical components (where applicable)

Workshop pricing

@ Core Advantage: $275

@ Your club/team facility (must be suitable): $300

Fine print

  • For larger teams/clubs book a call below to discuss large team options.
  • Minimum athlete age 13 years (under 14s)
  • Combo test/workshop packages are also available for both small teams and larger clubs



Know what you need? Not sure what’s right? Either way, submit an enquiry and we will give you a call to work out the details and find the best option.