Team sessions are the perfect way to get an edge on your competition. Tailored to your sport, age group and gender, sessions can be delivered at the Core Advantage High Performance Centre or your home facility.


Our Team + Your Team

Being the best is about more than just training harder. Whether it’s in the warm-up, in the gym or even in the kitchen, so often contests are won or lost before they even start.

By combining our 30,000 plus hours of coaching experience and the latest research and evidence from the cutting edge of sports science, our workshops blend practical advice with easy to understand scientific principles so that athletes and coaches can take immediate steps towards improved performance in the long and short term.

All Workshops are sport specific and are tailored to athlete age group. Workshops are suitable for athletes 13 years and older unless otherwise stated.

Below are some example workshop topics and suggestions all of which can be delivered in-house at the Core Advantage High Performance Centre or at your home facility (if suitable). Book a phone call for more information or to develop a workshop tailored to your group.