Online Training Programs

Backed by scientific evidence and over 25 years of combined experience training athletes. Core Advantage prides itself on safe, effective and easy to follow online training programs for all athletes.

The Secret to Curing Osgood-Schlatter Disease

A scientifically backed, safe and effective solution to help you strengthen your way out of Osgood Schlatters and be pain free in a matter of weeks.

7 Week Program: $55 USD

Running Fundamentals

Develop and refine the basics of sports most important skill running. Perfect for team and ball sport athletes aged 10 and up who wish to refine and improve their sprinting and acceleration skill, speed and stamina.

Seven week program: $55 USD

Core Training for Athletes

The Core is the foundation of athleticism. Start with the six-week introductory program to build a foundational core before unlocking 60 exercises, progressions, regressions, circuits, workouts and ten progressive programs for athletes of every level. Perfect for athletes of all ages and all sports.

Sport Specific Conditioning for Football (Soccer)

Football is a physically demanding sport, be ready for each and every match with our scientifically supported football conditioning program. Test yourself at home then launch into the program improving your stamina, repeat sprint ability and muscular endurance all while maintaining or even improving your speed and agility. 4, 8 and 12 week programs with three levels of difficulty based on current fitness, age, and playing volume.