Coach Education

With over 30,000 hours of combined industry experience, the Core Advantage team aims to stay at the cutting edge of sports science and strength and conditioning research. Our courses and events bring together world-class presenters and engaging relevant topics to help you be the best coach you can.


Online Mentorship

Join the Strength and Conditioning Mentorship helping coaches build successful careers in elite sport


Velocity Based Training Level 1&2

Become a VBT expert with this course taking you through the theoretical principles behind VBT and learn practical case studies along the way.


Functional Anatomy

Grounded in real world applicability, the lessons in this course go beyond origins and insertions into the implications for training, performance and injury risk.

Progressive Plyometric Programming

Plyometrics are one of the most poorly understood training methodologies around, this short course will help illuminate the key principles.

Complete Power Training

Plyometrics, Olympic lifting, VBT, cluster sets, accomodating resistance, contrast training and more!


Building Multi-Directional Power

Learn the intricacies of refining and developing beautiful running, jumping and agility motor patterns in your athletes.

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