Scope of Practice

An important warning for fitness professionals completing the Core Advantage Online Courses

Scope of Practice (Fitness Australia)

Scope of Practice:

This unit contains information regarding pain, injuries and rehabilitation practices. Depending on your given level of qualification and training actively programming for and delivering rehabilitation based training may fall outside of your scope of practice as a Registered exercise professional, personal trainer or student.

It is a requirement to refer clients to an appropriately qualified allied health professional or medical professional to provide guidance on the rehabilitation program, rehabilitation progression and the assessment of pain in the context that you are not qualified as determined by your governing body and level of training.
It is a crucial step to keep detailed written records, communicate clearly, and collaborate with allied health professionals if you have any clients in need of professional health care.

This unit DOES NOT constitute a substitution for qualifications and training required to deliver injury rehabilitation and assessment. The contents of this unit are meant simply to improve your general understanding around injury and pain when collaborating with allied health professionals.

Fitness Australia provides resources to help you understand these concepts more fully. To better understand your scope of practice read more here. For information and education surrounding the referrals process read here.