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Resources for Running and Sprinting

On this page you will find a range of videos, links to articles, Podcasts and other digital resources that will help you improve your running and sprinting ability.

There are drills and cues, training routine ideas along with plenty of other content for coaches, athletes and parents alike.


Speed Development Program

Perfect for team and ball sport athletes of all ages who wish to improve their speed, sprinting technique and stamina.

Run – Jump – Cut

Learn the intricacies of refining and developing beautiful running, jumping and agility motor patterns in your athletes.

Section 1: Learn to run lighter and easier

While there is some overlap between the content, the resources are broken into sections.

This first section covers topics related to economy of running, being lighter on your feet, conserving energy and minimising loading on the joints.

Section 2: Acceleration and Starts

In this section find all our videos related to acceleration and starting mechanics. Particularly important for any sport that involves short bursts of speed to beat your opponent.

We hope you enjoyed these resources.

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