Running Technique Toolkit

Learn the fundamentals of what to look for when assessing running and sprinting technique.

Run Faster, lighter and Easier

Accurately and consistently assessing running technique and biomechanics is a tricky skill, use this free resource to improve the quality of the footage you capture and do more with it, increasing your speed, acceleration and efficiency.

In this interactive modular workshop, Core Advantage senior coach and head of education Jacob Tober covers the fundamentals of what you should be looking for when assessing running technique.

Learn more about:

– The key points to look for in the gait cycle
– The best position to shoot your running footage from.
– How to annotate your videos and scrub with precision through slow motion footage
– The common flaws and reasons for them we see in poor running technique

Suitable for coaches and athletes from any sport that requires running, sprinting and acceleration.

Program Details

This free virtual workshop is a compilation of training materials and educational content aimed to help coaches and athletes improve their running ability, efficiency and speed.

About the Presenter

Jacob Tober, BEx&SpS is an ASCA certified coached and ESSA accredited Sports scientist.

With seven years experience working in private and semi-elite strength and conditioning, Jacob splits his time between his role as a high performance coach with his role as head of education for Core Advantage researching, writing and developing educational content for social media and the Core Advantage Mentorship and short courses.
Since 2017, Jacob has been working in an advisory role with Deakin University providing a coaches perspective and assisting in research design and implementation for studies exploring velocity based training and power development.

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Running Technique Toolkit

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