The Art of the Reload

How to bring your team back from lockdown faster, stronger and injury free

Don’t Become a Statistic

Head coach of Core Advantage Athletic Development Durham McInnis shares 20 years of experience getting athletes back to peak shape in this free 45 minute workshop for coaches of all sports and levels.

In the workshop you will learn:

– Why we are headed for a post lockdown injury epidemic unless we take evasive action.
– What you can do to keep your team injury free during the reload and beyond.
– The art and science of rapidly rebuilding fitness without the risk of overuse injuries.
– How to capitalise on the Anaerobic trickledown effect to accelerate your team’s fitness gains in a matter of weeks.
– The things you can start doing now that will help your team dominate the business end of the season.
– The top in game substitution and exchange hacks you can use to an effective in game fitness boost for all your athletes.

Event details

This 60 minute workshop is available online after check out for this free product

Date Recorded: Monday the 18th of May

What you get: Recording of the event, slides in PDF format, links to all resources and materials mentioned in the workshop

About the Presenter

Durham has been working with elite athletes from domestic to Olympic level since 1999. He is the athletic development manager for Basketball Victoria, the speed and agility coach for the Deakin Melbourne Boomers, as well as strength and conditioning coach to the Melbourne Ice in the national women’s ice hockey league. In addition to these roles Durham is head coach and director at Core Advantage Athletic development where he overseas the training of more than 250 athletes across 20+ sports. Durham also serves on the advisory board to the undergraduate exercise and sports science course at Deakin University. Durham is particularly interested in long term athletic development for junior athletes.

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The Art of the Reload Workshop

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