Velocity Based Training Level 1

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Velocity Based Training Certification
Level 1

The worlds most comprehensive, unbiased online velocity based training course.

Technology is changing the way we work in high performance.

Velocity based training is one of the most important new tools you can use to maximise strength and power gains in your athletes. In this course you will join Head of Education Jacob Tober as he unpacks Core Advantage’s unique, multi-dimensional approach to everyday programming and periodisation with velocity based training.

With no affiliation to any technology company or product, the course is an unbiased exploration of the versatility of velocity based training principles and practices. Containing over two and a half hours of theoretical and practice based content, the course covers the complexities and nuances of VBT theory, whilst also providing critical practical information that will enable you to apply the methodologies with your clients immediately.

All students receive lifetime access to all videos, slide decks, resources and references, plus spreadsheet and program templates.

Sample Clip From Module Two

Course Outline

Level One: Principles of VBT

After completing VBT level 1 you will:

– Be familiar with the basic metrics of VBT

– Understand the load velocity relationship and how it can be used to interpret performance

– Be able to teach and educate your athletes on intent to move, a crucial concept for athletic power development

– Learn the importance of monitoring in-set fatigue to reduce the negative effects of training to failure

– How to use VBT for creating gym based competition and motivation

– Essential VBT programming principles

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Earn CECs with this Course

Earn 3 CEC points with Fitness Australia for completing this course

About the Presenter

Jacob Tober, BEx&SpS is an ASCA certified coached and ESSA accredited Sports scientist.

With seven years experience working in private and semi-elite strength and conditioning, Jacob splits his time between his role as a high performance coach with his role as head of education for Core Advantage researching, writing and developing educational content for social media and the Core Advantage Mentorship and short courses.
Since 2017, Jacob has been working in an advisory role with Deakin University providing a coaches perspective and assisting in research design and implementation for studies exploring velocity based training and power development.

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Velocity Based Training
Level 1 Certification

Price: AU $245.00 

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