Traction: The Personal Online Mentorship

AU $1,450

The personal online mentorship for high performance coaches.

Stand out from the crowd as you develop a range of technical hard and soft skills crucial for creating a personal and professional identity in a crowded and competitive industry.



The personal online mentorship for high performance coaches

Develop Crucial Skills in Connection, Communication and Business to Become an Industry Leader

Stand out from the crowd as you develop a range of technical hard and soft skills crucial for creating a personal and professional identity in a crowded and competitive industry.

Throughout the six wide-ranging units not only will you learn and develop as a professional and as a person, but you will have the opportunity to develop your own personal brand, deepen your understanding of what it takes to make your dream career, job or business a reality and complete weekly workshop tasks, not just for the sake of completing irrelevant tasks, but instead build integral components taking you closer to turning your vision into a reality.

This course is currently under construction and is available for pre-sale. Sign up before September 14th to save 25% on course fees.

The full course should be released before October 2020. More details coming soon.

Some of the places our mentees have gone on to work:


Traction is built on six comprehensive units

In each of these units, challenge yourself to analyse every aspect of your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies and vision for what you want to achieve in your career.

Go through the course at your own pace, completing the real world practical tasks, designed to help you turn your individual ideas into world class plans, strategies and tactics.

Along with the content and practical tasks, join of our weekly team Zoom meetings where you can bounce ideas, ask for feedback and learn from your peers. Make the most of each step of the Traction course by booking catch up calls with Core Advantage head coach and founder Durham McInnis as he personally mentors you through the course and accelerates your professional growth.

Units included:

– The compounding power of world class work

– Develop and understand your coaching profile

– Professional habits for career success at every stage

– Building a tribe. Skills for networking, connecting and harnessing the power of social media in the 21st century

– Business skills for the fitness industry. Developing and modelling, financials, setting and crushing goals

– The art and science of coaching and communication

The Traction to get where you need to go

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Included in the Course is:

– Lifetime access to ALL of the workshops and personal projects
– Membership to our Mentorship Forum
– Weekly live Q&A with the Core Advantage head coach Durham McInnis
– A direct line to our high performance team for 1-on-1 support through your career journey

About the Presenter

Durham McInnis has been working in private sector high performance since 1999 and professional sports since 2003. As one of Australia’s longest serving S&C coaches, Durham’s wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise is the backbone of the Core Advantage methodology and approach to training.

Throughout the course you will also meet many of the members of the Core Advantage High Performance team as they add their own expertise on certain topics.

Our Alumni Share Their Experience

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support and mentorship of the Core Advantage team
– Ben Walker S&C coach Western Bulldogs AFLW

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Core Advantage?

Core Advantage is a high-performance company based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1999. We spend most of our time programming for and training athletes from a range of sports and age groups both in our high performance facility and online. With over 250 athletes from Olympic level to juniors, we specialise in return to play rehabilitation, speed and power development, and long term athletic development.

Our face-to-face internship program has been running formally since 2013. The Online Mentorship began in February 2019.

What do I get if I buy the Course?

Complete access to the entire mentorship. For life

With over 40 hours of exclusive content, the Core Advantage Online Mentorship is a complete one-stop course for strength and conditioning coaches, students, sports scientists, personal trainers, fitness professionals and clinicians to upgrade their knowledge and practical skills.

Every week for 18 weeks you will unlock a new unit full of lectures, theory, practical take-aways supported by links to bonus articles, research, podcasts and videos. Along with the content, every Mentorship student can access our monthly live Q&A sessions to ask questions specific to your specific situation or broader questions about anything related to training. You will also be able to access our exclusive forum to help you fully explore each topic and ask questions of your classmates and the Core Advantage Team.

As we update and add new elements to the Mentorship you will be able to access these for no extra charge.

Why do I have to wait to access the course?

The short answer is it’s just a better way to learn.


The course is run in a similar style to a university semester, with 18 weeks of content released one unit at a time every week. The first week is launched on June 23rd.

We made a touch decision when we launched the course to have it be this way in order to maximise the learning and retention while minimising the overwhelm of not knowing where to start or what fits in where.

The course is very much a collective, with the sum of the parts being much more powerful than each individual unit, so we deliver it in a specific order to improve retention and deepen the understanding around each crucial principle and concept.

This means we restrict the start dates, limit ourselves to only three intakes per year and have each cohort go through the course together. This means we are likely to sell far fewer of the courses, but every student who goes through the course will have a transformational experience and change the trajectory of their career.

The beauty of the course is that after the 18 week semester is finished you maintain lifetime access to the content to go back over and review as you need

In saying that, if you don’t want to or cannot go through the course like this you are welcome to jump in and out of the content as you like.

When does the course start?

The course starts the moment you successfully sign up. With unit 1 immediately unlocked.

Each subsequent unit is released weekly with an email reminder and unit overview.

How will I access the content?

The content is delivered weekly via our website Every week for 18 weeks a new unit will be released for you to work through and study.

Each topic will include a series of talks, slideshows, and theory. Along with links to topical podcasts, articles, and research papers for you to browse.

What happens if I fall behind the content?

Don’t worry, you will always have access to the content which you can watch as many times as you like.

To get the most out of the course we recommend you keep pace with the group. That way you can participate in the forum and live Q&A’s to enhance your learning. But if life gets in the way, don’t stress you can also do the course at your own pace, or jump in and jump out.

How do I access the forum?

The forum will be available via the website after you signup.

How do I access the live sessions?

The live sessions will be linked via the Live tab of the mentorship.

We will conduct these on Zoom and record each session for you to watch later if you are not able to join us in real time.

We will also use the live sessions to go over key topics that come up during the forum discussions each week.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

Don’t worry, we will record and publish each one on the Live page within the Mentorship.