EP.57 – Netball

Podcast (16 Minutes) – This week we talk all things Netball, from common injuries and how to prevent them, getting fit for netball and how strength can help take you game to the next level



and there are heaps of resources to go with it as well:

More on injury differences between sports

Anti-ankle sprain workout (article and video)

Glute med and valgus (article and video)

Warm up 2.0 (video)

Sports specific fitness 1
Sports specific fitness 2

repeat sprints (article and video)

GameFit (article and video)

How to pick court sport shoes (article and video)

Resources document (PDF)

Also, a great 5-10 minute workout you could do at home might be:
Squats 4×10
Glute Bridges 4×10
Arabesques 4×10
Straight leg bridges 4x30s holds (we will make a video for this one soon!)
Calf raises 3×20

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