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CEC Registration

We are continuing to work on more CEC/CPD/CEU registrations for our course to help fitness and sports science professionals around the world earn valuable compulsory continued learning.

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February 1 2020: You may have noticed a few changes to your online experience on the Core Advantage education platform. We have given our website a bit of a new look and feel, making it easier for you to navigate and access all your courses/content. Accounts page On this page you will now be able to see all your crucial details including the courses you have access to, and the free resources you have activated. You can also use this page to log in and log out or change any of your account details. Course home pages When navigating the menu you will notice that it is now a lot cleaner, with less arrows and dropdowns to get lost amongst. instead, you will now simply navigate to the home page for the content you wish to access then browse all of the contents from this course in one place. For all our shorter courses (VBT, real-world anatomy), these are located on the short courses home page. Free resources  In the menu you will also find a free resources tab. Here you can register for all our free training and coaching resources, we plan on more than tripling the current number of available free resources, so keep an eye out for these as we add them. CEC Registration The Online Mentorship is now accredited with Fitness Australia so that registered personal trainers and gym instructors can gain 15 CEC points upon completion of the course and its requirements. If you have already completed the course but would like to gain these CECs, click the button above to learn more.
August 12th 2019: Live session 005 is now available in the Live tab, check it out for a great 5 way discussion on a whole host of topics, blood flow restriction, ankle stiffness, squat mechanics, monkey bars and more! Also, In Unit 3: Core Training, you will find a practical module added to the bottom, highlighting some of our key core training exercises and coaching progressions.
July 11th 2019: The forum is back up and functional! Apologies for the inconvenience while the forum was down, but it is now back up and running. Due to popular demand, we have started adding more practical video content into the units, so keep an eye out for these as they are included, there will be practical workshops now in the anatomy units, plus the movement skill units. Live access, a few people mentioned that they could not access the Live session on Monday, I have looked into it and run some tests, not sure what the error was but it is now definitely working, I will check the email links as well to make sure everyone can get into the next live session on 5th of August.
June 27 2019: I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news, as many of you are probably aware, is that the forum has been down for the last couple of weeks. I took this to a team of web development professionals for help bringing it back but they seem to think it cannot be repaired, which means we have sadly lost the existing forum threads… I am so sorry for an inconvenience this causes, I am very disappointed because there were some great threads there and great talking points! The good news is by the end of this week we will have a new forum up and running, so keep an eye out for that. Jacob
May 2019: Now that the course is completed and our second semester is about to get underway. I have been turning my attention to optimising the site so that the technology doesn’t get in your way, things load quickly and you can get down to the learning. As I go about this, some parts of the course may disappear for a few hours at a time while I replace them with better optimised versions of themselves. Don’t distress, they will be back very shortly! If something stays out of place for more than a day, best to reach out as it may have been a bug or glitch that arose in the process. Jacob
Update April 2019: Thanks everyone for your feedback regarding the slides that were not responding for everyone in different device types. We have made a fix and these should now be loading and responding as was initially the plan. Keep the feedback coming!
March 2019: Welcome to the very start of our updates list, the course is close to complete, but if you encounter any bugs, errors or just have some suggestions for topics we possibly missed, we would love your feedback and input. This course is designed to grow and expand as we learn and become better coaches, so if you have ideas that can help us all get better we would love to hear them, best to email Jacob directly. [email protected]

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