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This is where you will be able to access each Live session as they become available and our library of past Live discussions. Show notes will be included as needed.

We will be running live sessions every three weeks during the Pandemic.

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Live Archive

Live 015: November 2020

Live 1

  • Meditation – best in the morning
  • Hydrogen infused water
    • Antioxidants
  • Training to help a surfer weight shift on the front foot
  • Home gym top things to set up
  • Training variety vs consistency
  • Three golden rules of training
  • The COVID AFL season – shorter games, less days off, how to handle that
  • Teaching the RDL

Live 2

  • Principles over methods
  • Client boredom – not as bored as you might think
  • Neural fatigue
  • Heel strike in running – is there ever an appropriate time
  • Cold showers and Whim Hof
  • Disagreement in business
  • Pricing yourself right in S&C
  • Unilateral heavy training

Live 014: September 20th 2020

Live 2 (20th)

Live 013: August 25th & 27th 2020

Live 1 (25th)


Live 2 (27th)

Live 012: May 27th 2020

Live 1 (27th)

Show notes and topics:

  • How Core Advantage run their testing programs
  • Thoughts on isometric testing and RM tests
  • Assessments and athlete profiling

Live 011: April 27th & 30th 2020

Live 1 (27th)

Show notes and topics:

  • Return to play from injury – criteria, gender differences, timelines
  • Nordic hamstring training
  • S&C during growth spurts
  • SL vs DL compound lifts first in the workout (Boyle’s changes)
  • SL & DL plyometric progressions
  • Isometrics for maximum strength
  • Plyomerics for runners
  • Upper body plyometrics
  • An update on Jacob’s research at Deakin
  • The RSI article
  • Biometric training (from Triphasic training, no links at this stage)


Live 2 (30th)

Show notes and topics:

  • Fitness and conditioning in lockdown
  • The pause jump test
  • How we are using straight bar deadlifts
  • What’s been happening at Core Advantage
  • Swings, why we don’t use them much
  • Neutral grip attachments, and rotating handles
  • The big WHY behind why Core Advantage (and Jacob) do what they do
  • Books we love

Live 010: April 6th & 9th 2020

Live 1 (6th)



Live 2 (9th)

Show notes and topics:

Live 009: December 9th 2019

Show notes and topics:

Live 1 (12pm)

    • Static stretching vs dynamic (link to our podcast)
    • Quads to hamstrings ratio
    • Progressions and volume management for endurance runners
    • Why use drills and breakdowns for developing running technique
    • Bird-dog exercise classification
    • Sled training – heavy or light
    • Training for soccer (our blog on sports specific fitness)

Live 008: November 11th 2019

Show notes:

Live 1 (12pm)

Live 2 (7pm)

Live 007: October 16th 2019

Show notes:

  • The second live session for this week, intern Jas joined Jacob for a random collection of questions
    • Neural flossing
    • Sciatica and piriformis
    • The need for play and agility training
    • Reactive agility training
    • Seated and standing calf raises
    • progressions for strength training
    • External hip rotation training

Live 006: August 12th 2019

Show notes:

  • The second live session for this week, intern Jas joined Jacob for a random collection of questions
    • Frontal plane training for new and young athletes in the gym
    • Back plank and the Zone of Aposition
    • Cutting off the inside leg (and why we don’t love it)
    • Valgus tolerance in the gym
    • Ankle braces, yay or nay?
    • Why we start our new athletes on 4×10 for programming
    • Where reverse fly fits into programming
    • Learning methods: How Jacob would tackle the mentorship content if he were a student

Live 005: August 7th 2019

Show notes:

  • This change of time live session had four mentees and interns join Jacob online for a great 80 minute discussion on a range of topics
    • Foot turnout on squats
    • Ankle stiffness and reactivity
    • Dorsiflexion and foot intrinsic strength
    • Blood flow restriction
    • Monkey bars and Brachiating
    • The Inverted Row Test
    • The interference effect of cardio and strength adaptations


Live 004: July 8th 2019

Show notes:

  • A few questions came from Tegan who joined us from Seattle to chat with Jacob
    • What makes for a tissue quality exercise
    • The strength reserve and injuries
    • How to improve dorsiflexion
    • Smoothing out and progressing the SL RDL
    • Professional development
    • Squat depth and performance
    • AFL in the USA
    • Shoulder rehabilitation
    • Some tips for how to best learn the mentorship content


Live 003: April 29th 2019

Show notes:

  • A few questions came from Marcus who joined Durham and Jacob for a chat
    • When we do and don’t use Olympic lifts
    • The Core Advantage screen
    • Jacob’s history and career path
    • Adding practicals to the course

Apologies for some technical difficulties with the guest audio on this one, you will only be able to hear Jacob’s answers. Most of the answers will still make sense though.

This will be fixed before the next session.


Live 002: Mar 25th 2019

Show notes:

  • Answers to a few questions from the forum
    • Stretching the calves and rec fem before sport
    • Squat width and squat depth (in regards to hip anatomy)

Live 001: Feb 18th 2019

Show notes:

  • Welcome to the first ever mentorship
  • Admin and housekeeping
  • Staying strong with Tendonopathy
  • Training around injuries

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