Intensive: Track Time Practical

Welcome to the online component of the internship.

Before the intensive starts, you will need to make yourself familiar with some key practical components of training and coaching at Core Advantage.

While working your way through these units we recommend joining in as much of the practical activities as you can to get a feel and understanding for the movements.

You will be required to coach and demonstration these movements in week 1 of your internship.

Module 1: Foam Rolling

(20 minutes)

Module 2: Stretching

(9 minutes)

Module 3: Activation and Integration

(16 minutes)

Module 4: Thoughts on Movement Skill/Plyometrics

(2 minutes)

Module 5: Running Technique Basics

(18 minutes)

Module 6: Change of Direction/Agility Fundamentals

(16 minutes)

Module 7: Jumping and Landing Mechanics

(12 minutes)

Module 8: Post Track Time Mobility

(12 minutes)

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