Rehabilitation is a team game, the athlete, team coach, physiotherapist and strength coach all play a key role in make the rehabilitation go as smoothly as possible

Seeing an athlete who has come to us for help go from limping around post-op to dominating their sport is just the best. It is truly magical and is a huge part of what makes our job awesome. At Core Advantage we do the following rehabilitation very well:

  • Patellar Tracking Disorder
  • Patellar dislocations 
  • ACL reconstructions 
  • PCL ruptures
  • MCL ruptures
  • ITB Friction Syndrome
  • Meniscal tears
  • Osteochondritis dissecans
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease
  • Severs disease
  • Traction Apophysitis 
  • Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Shin splints
  • Patellar Tendinopathy 
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Glenoid Labral Tear
  • Stress fractures 

 The following areas of rehabilitation we do not deal with very often:

  • Wrist 
  • Thumb and finger 
  • Neck 
  • Hernia