The Ultimate Holiday Training Plan

Resources, training tips and workout ideas to stay fit and strong over the holidays

Don’t Lose Fitness These Holidays

These Resources are designed to help you stay in shape over the off-season, with strength circuits, conditioning workouts and options no matter what equipment you have at your disposal. Find all the information, tools and tips to help you maintain your fitness and strength over the summer in less than 45 minutes per day.

Leaving plenty of time to hit the beach.

The holiday plans we have created will:

– Maximise the amount of rest you get in your time off
– Help build on the strength and conditioning you have established over the year
– Reduce your risk of an overload or stress injury when you return to sport
– Maintain your acute to chronic workload ratio
– Improve your fitness and strength

Included you will find:

– Strength and sports specific conditioning workout routines
– Downloadable daily and weekly progress sheets for monitoring your training load
– Videos and instructions to complete the training
– Companion app with pre-installed and customisable workout timers

Program Details

This free resource guide is a compilation of training materials and educational content aimed at helping athletes stay fit and strong in their off-season breaks

About the Presenter

Core Advantage is a high-performance centre that has been bringing professional quality strength & conditioning and injury rehabilitation to athletes of all ages and stages since 1999 in Melbourne Australia.

Since 2018 we have been working to share our methods and principles with the world via world class online training programs to help young athletes everywhere play sport pain free whilst safely maximising their performance.

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Holiday Training Plan

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