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Grid 1.0 Foam Roller by Trigger Point

The Rolls Royce of foam rollers, the Grid 1.0 comes in a range of colours. We like the grid because its medium density and slight contours give a great all round roll for the entire body.




Core Advantage Mobility Balls

When you spend long periods of time sitting or slouched forwards, the natural curve of the thoracic spine tightens into a kyphotic position. If left unchecked the joints of the thoracic spine become stiff and locked and we lose thoracic mobility. This loss of mobility compromises both our posture and athletic performance.

As an added bonus you can also use backballs as a single ball and use them for general trigger point work.




Iron Edge Micro-bands

Mini-bands and thera-bands are super convenient and versatile pieces of training equipment for athletes of all sports.
Whether used as part of a warm up, training at home, or in rehab bands are incredibly useful.




Comffit Tubing Band

Tubing bands are a great portable tool for rehab, warming up the upper body, and as a great piece of kit for a travelling home gym.

The bands come with padded handles along with a convenient door jam for rowing type exercises