We run a whole host of tests and can modify and adjust delivery to suit your teams needs

You don’t have to go it alone, we will work together with you to put together the perfect testing battery, then put it all in action and show you amazing results and actionable next steps

Type “testing for” and the name of your sport in the search bar and see what options we have for your group.


Speed & Agility

0-5, 0-10, 0-20 splits

5-0-5 agility 


L Drill


Vertical Leap & DSR

We not only test vertical leap (vertec) but also your dynamic strength reserve (DSR).

This tells us your raw athleticism and also your tendency to be a jumper (stronger, typically two foot) or leaper (springier one foot) and how you can become a more well rounded jumper.


Isometric & Eccentric Strength

Eccentric and isometric strength is a huge predictor of soft tissue and joint injuries, using the Vald Nordbord and Groinbar we can assess:

Nordic hamstring force/symmetry

Hip external rotation force/symmetry/rate of force development

Groin strength and symetry 



Height – standing and seated


Weight (16 years and older only)

Waist – hip – chest ratio 

Perfect for athletes heading to college or for semi-elite teams to track athletes in the off-season


Flexibility, Mobility & Control

Ankles, Hamstrings, hips

Internal external rotation (hip and shoulders)

Glute activation


Fitness and Conditioning

Repeat sprint capacity/Fatigue index score

Yo-Yo intermittent tests

Wingates on the bike

Time-trials (we basically just go out and measure the distance)

Jacob has a vision for a Kaiser based VO2 max submaximal test/Wingate test. OR Darren Burgess submaximal half yo-yo test. OR Davey can reprogram the LIDAR to do repeat sprints. These are maybe done as part of track time/in later tests


Velocity Based Training

Is super cool and space age, we use this with a GymAware and the Openbarbell. This is reserved for our athletes who train with us in the gym, on the regular.



If you can’t see us in person, we have plenty of online resources available for free to get you started:


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