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Warm-Up 2.0

15 Years in development, this 12 minute warm-up is your secret advantage to reducing injury risk, increasing explosive power and recovering faster every single training session or game.

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Resources Guide

All our videos, podcasts, articles and infographics sorted by topic and theme. Vertical leap, nutrition, fitness, core training all in one easy to browse place.

Anti-Ankle Sprain Workout

Due to popular demand we are working on turned our fan favourite vlog episode into a 3 week program you can follow from home.

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10 Day Vertical Leap Fundamentals

A taster version of our online jump program (coming soon). Built on the Core Advantage principles and 15 years of experience training teenage basketballers, this program may not be as exciting as some other online jump programs, but it is significantly more effective and won’t lead to overuse and overload injuries

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Core Advantage is a high-performance gym based in Melbourne, Australia. We spend most of our time training junior to elite athletes from a range of sports.

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