Compulsary Continued Learning and Professional Development

Depending on where you live, work and how your professional status is monitored, you may be required to submit proof of continued education.

We are working on registering the Core Advantage Online Mentorship with a number of governing bodies around the world to provide these points for you, scroll through this page to learn more about our continued education programs and register for any that may be applicable to you.

Fitness Australia

The Core Advantage Online Mentorship is accredited through Fitness Australia. 

In order to earn CEC points for this course you are required to meet the following requirement:

For each of the 18 units you must create a new, or comment on an existing forum thread relevant to the themes and topics covered in that unit. This forum post is very open to interpretation and is simply a way to prove you have engaged with the content and watched the videos. Some alternatives for this forum post could be as follows:

  • Questions about aspects of the topic you want to learn more
  • Specific examples from your own experience and how the theory applies to them specifically
  • Sharing another blog, research paper, video or other form of media related to the topic that has not already been shared
  • Bring up for discussion alternative view points, theories or debate topics that may (constructively) add nuance to the conversation.
  • Something completely different!

These forum topics are a form of creative thought exercise so get creative, the point is to engage more deeply with the content.

There is no time limit on when you must submit these forum posts by, but ideally you would post one per week as you work through the content.

NOTE: Certificate of completion will not be distributed until all 18 forum posts have been submitted and reviewed by our coaches for relevance and quality.

Approval code: 04974FA
Expiry date: 14/01/2022
Number of points at completion: 15 

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