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Improve your understanding of advanced exercise selection, programming and periodisation and the art of effective communication with the Core Advantage Online Mentorship.

Developed on the back of over two decades experience in elite sport, take your knowledge from the theoretical to the practical, learning the skills and principles that will form the foundation of your own coaching system ready for a career working in strength and conditioning, fitness and elite sport.

Fitness Australia Accredited Course

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Expand your coaching toolbox, learning the real-world tactics, principles and soft skills you need to be an amazing trainer

Develop an operating system for applying critical thinking to your sessions, increasing the dynamism and engagement with your sessions.

Join an expanding network of like-minded health and fitness professionals. With support from our team of coaches throughout the entire course.

Expand your coaching toolbox, learning the real-world tactics, principles and soft skills you need to be an amazing trainer

Develop an operating system for applying critical thinking to your sessions, increasing the dynamism and engagement with your sessions.

Join an expanding network of like-minded health and fitness professionals. With support from our team of coaches throughout the entire course.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Core Advantage Mentorship
– Ben Walker S&C coach Western Bulldogs AFLW

Topics covered:

– Plyometrics

– Speed and Agility Development

– Program Design and Periodisation

– Screening, Testing and Assessment

– Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

– Velocity Based Training

– Critical Thinking

– Lower Body Functional Anatomy

– Upper Body Functional Anatomy

– Core Training for Athletes

– Exercise Selection and Biomechanics

– The Art and Science of Coaching

– Strength Development

– Power Development

– Motor Learning

– Agility and Change of Direction Training

– Sport Specific Energy System Development

– Training the Vertical Jump

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The Core Advantage Mentorship will not only teach you the tools and tactics you need to be an amazing trainer, but also give you the theoretical framework and critical thinking skills to tackle the challenges of working in dynamic, health, fitness and high performance settings with real-world athletes clients in both 1-on-1 and group settings.

Complete the course from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace via our online education platform, coaches forum, and monthly live sessions, knowing you have life-time access to all the lectures and all future course updates.

Built on a foundation of scientific understanding and rigorous critical thinking, this course will dramatically accelerate your career in personal training, sports, fitness and rehabilitation. Learn skills to create more engaging and challenging workouts, naturally increase client motivation and retention and build the skills needed to deliver results effectively and efficiently.

Combining both theory and practical with a strong emphasis on actionable concepts that you can start using that very day.

This course is ideally suited for:

  • Personal trainers
  • Crossfit and group fitness instructors
  • Strength and conditioning coaches
  • Sports science, human movement or kinesiology students
  • Sports coaches
  • Allied health professionals
  • Athletic trainers
  • Athletes looking for a deeper understanding

Invest in Your Career.

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What is Included?

– Lifetime access to 18 weeks of cutting-edge practical and theoretical content
– Over 40 hours of lectures, slides, extra references and bonus resources
– Access to all unit updates as they occur
– Membership to our Coaches Forum
– Monthly live Q&A with the Core Advantage coaches
– 15% off online and in-person nutrition consultations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Core Advantage?

Core Advantage is a high-performance company based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 1999. We spend most of our time programming for and training athletes from a range of sports and age groups both in our high performance facility and online. With over 250 athletes from Olympic level to juniors, we specialise in return to play rehabilitation, speed and power development, and long term athletic development.

Our face-to-face internship program has been running formally since 2013. The Online Mentorship began in February 2019.

What is required to receive the 15 CEC points

For each of the 18 units you must create a new, or comment on an existing, forum thread relevant to the themes and topics covered in that unit. This forum post should be a short 5-10 minute exercise and is very open to your interpretation. Some alternatives for this forum post could be as follows:

  • Questions about aspects of the topic you want to learn more
  • Specific examples from your own experience and how the theory applies to them specifically
  • Sharing another blog, research paper, video or other form of media related to the topic that has not already been shared
  • Bring up for discussion alternative view points, theories or debate topics that may (constructively) add nuance to the conversation.
  • Something completely different!

These forum topics are a form of creative thought exercise so get creative, the point isn’t to be perfect or take hours to complete each one, but to engage with the content and enhance understanding.

There is no time limit on when you must submit these forum posts by, but ideally you would post one per week as you work through the content.

NOTE: Certificate of completion will not be distributed until all 18 forum posts have been submitted and reviewed by our coaches for relevance and quality.

You will find more information about this under “Coach Education” in the website menu when you register.

What do I get if I buy the Course?

Complete access to the entire mentorship. For life

With over 40 hours of exclusive content, the Core Advantage Online Mentorship is a complete one-stop course for strength and conditioning coaches, students, sports scientists, personal trainers, fitness professionals and clinicians to upgrade their knowledge and practical skills.

Every week for 18 weeks you will unlock a new unit full of lectures, theory, practical take-aways supported by links to bonus articles, research, podcasts and videos. Along with the content, every Mentorship student can access our monthly live Q&A sessions to ask questions specific to your specific situation or broader questions about anything related to training. You will also be able to access our exclusive forum to help you fully explore each topic and ask questions of your classmates and the Core Advantage Team.

As we update and add new elements to the Mentorship you will be able to access these for no extra charge.

When does the course start?

The course starts the moment you register, we recommend you follow along through the 18 week semester, but you are welcome to jump in and out of the content at your own pace.

How will I access the content?

The content is delivered weekly via our website Every week for 18 weeks a new unit will be released for you to work through and study.

Each topic will include a series of talks, slideshows, and theory. Along with links to topical podcasts, articles, and research papers for you to browse.

How do I access the forum?

The forum will be available via the website after you signup.

How do I access the live sessions?

The live sessions will be linked via the Live tab of the mentorship.

We will conduct these on Zoom and record each session for you to watch later if you are not able to join us in real time.

We will also use the live sessions to go over key topics that come up during the forum discussions each week.

What if I can't make the live sessions?

Don’t worry, we will record and publish each one on the Live page within the Mentorship.

About Us

Based in Melbourne, Australia Core Advantage is a high-performance team with the shared vision of bringing professional quality strength & conditioning and injury rehabilitation to athletes at every level.

Founded in 1999, we focus our time on training junior to elite athletes from a range of sports and age groups in our high performance centre in Melbourne’s South East. Since 2018 we have been working to share our methods and principles with the world, building and delivering world class online training and education courses.