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Athlete Lock Down


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This program is designed for athletes, who have been playing competitive sports on a consistent basis for at least the past three months and have a base level of fitness. Do not use this program if you have not been playing or training for sport recently.

As with all exercise programs, make sure that you have no underlying injuries or illnesses that may cause you problems. Specifically, if you experience joint pain at any point while performing these workouts stop immediately.
This website does not constitute specific exercise advice and is for informational purposes only.
If unsure, consult your physician.

Daily Email Newsletter

Everyday we will be sending out a different workout for you to complete from your home.

Each workout will have multiple levels, and where required there will be options for people self-isolated and cannot get to a park/oval to do any running.

When you first join the program, you will need to complete a series of four workouts to develop some baseline strength and fitness before then jumping into the daily schedule with the other athletes.

The daily workouts will follow science based progression rules while also providing a good variety of training styles. Sprinting, agility, strength training, bodyweight circuits, Yoga, Pilates and strength challenges.

In order to receive these emails you will need to press a button in the welcome email, confirming you have read and understood the program disclaimer.

Instagram Page

Core Advantage has started a new, private Instagram page for those who join the athlete lock down. On that page we will be posting the daily workout along with graphics, training suggestions and instructional videos on IGTV.

Just search @athletelockdown, and request to follow us.

We would also love to see how you are going with your training, so lets create a community, tag us in your training posts and stories, either @athletelockdown, #athletelockdown or @core_advantage so we can see how you are going with your home-workouts.

Interval Timing App

Many of our workouts will use the Core Advantage interval timing app. It’s available for free on iOS and Android. You can find it by pressing the following links:

Get the app on iOS

Get the app on Android

Resources webpage

Over the coming weeks we will be building an ever-expanding webpage with links to all the video workouts and resources to help you train hard through the lock down.

This page is currently under construction, but as soon as it is built we will send you an email so you can access the program.

PS: You might also like to check out our free nutrition workshop: Nutrition for Athletes. You can unlock this by pressing the appropriate button below.