Core Advantage Presents

Athlete Lock Down

The Free Pandemic Training Guide for Athletes

As the world quarantines to contain the spread of COVID19, athletes around the world are stuck at home, with no training and no competition to keep them fit.

This free resource is designed to be used by athletes of all sports, and levels of competition as a way of staying fit, keeping up the gains, and preparing for when the lock down ends!

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While others are slipping back, this is your chance to get ahead

Don’t let A Lock Down Ruin Your Gains

In this free training resource, find all the information, tools and tips to help you maintain your fitness and strength even if your city has been shut down and sport cancelled.

Included in this resource:

– A daily training newsletter called the #AthleteLockDown
– Private Instagram page with all your training resources
– Companion app with pre-installed and customisable workout timers
– An ever-expanding webpage full of resources and training tutorial videos
– Alternative training options for those in self-isolation
– Improve your fitness and strength with creative bodyweight training ideas
– Speed, agility and jump training that you can do anywhere
– Reduce your risk of an overload or stress injury when you return to sport

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