Soccer Strong


With 16 times the agility demands of AFL and more physical contact than any ‘non-contact’ sport should have, we know that soccer is one of the most physically demanding sports there is.

That’s why you need to be developing not only your skills and fitness but your sport specific strength, core stability, durability and power too.


Now is the time to prepare for 2019 with a full off-season physical development program delivered as part of the Core Advantage Soccer Strong program.

Open to male and female soccer athletes of all skill levels, Soccer Strong is Melbourne’s premier soccer physical preparation program.

Train with your own fully customised football specific strength and conditioning program based on your unique biomechanical needs, athletic testing and injury risk assessment results.

Every athlete undergoes a baseline testing session to assess their current athletic profile before they begin training on their individualised program. 

  • Injury risk assessment and baseline testing for:

    • ACL risk and knee stability

    • Hamstring strength

    • Ankle stability

  • General physical movement quality, mobility and core stability

  • Power, strength and fitness performance


Train in Melbourne’s first athletic development centre for everyone, built specifically with the teenage athlete in mind.

We will help you every step of the way to becoming the strongest, quickest and fittest version of you imaginable.

Every Core Advantage Soccer Strong athlete receives:

  • Ongoing individualised speed, agility, strength and conditioning programming

  • Unlimited weekly training sessions in the Core Advantage High Performance Centre

  • Ongoing performance testing and screening

  • An individualised holiday running program to get you in the best shape of your life

  • The Core Advantage warm up guide for reducing injury risk and enhancing performance

  • 15% off nutrition consultations with Geelong Cats Dietician Dr Dominique Condo

Training works best when you have a friend to train with. Bring a sibling or friend and you will each receive 50% off your initial testing session and 10% off your weekly memberships.

The Core Advantage High Performance Centre

39 Cleeland Road, Oakleigh South
(10 minutes South of Chadstone)