Warm Up 2.0

The new way to warm up your team. Increase performance, reduce injury risk and lay the foundations for long term athletic development.

Increase Performance, Reduce Injury, Build an Athletic Foundation

Warm Up 2.0 is designed to help you maximise your athletic potential.

The best result so far using this routine has been a 10cm vertical leap improvement in just five weeks.

This ten minute routine provides an amazing opportunity to make a small but cumulative contribution to your athletic development every time you train or play. It will also reduce your chances of sustaining a preventable injury. The key is to perform the routine gently and consistently, with great attention to detail.

The four warm up phases.

1. Rolling for myofascial release Undoing the knots and adhesions in your muscles.

2. Gentle restorative stretching Restoring critical muscles to normal length.

3. Targeted muscle activation Switching on the core muscles to maximise power.

4. Movement skill training Enhancing your ability to use you lengthened, strengthened and activated muscles to sprint, jump, land and cut safely and explosively

Guide details

This free resource is a multimedia guide to performing the warm up routine correctly.

What you get: A print friendly PDF to download as a reference, links to instructional videos for each component of the routine and extra links to podcasts, blog articles and research explaining why and how these methods work.

About the Presenter

Durham has been working with elite athletes from domestic to Olympic level since 1999. He is the athletic development manager for Basketball Victoria, the speed and agility coach for the Deakin Melbourne Boomers, as well as strength and conditioning coach to the Melbourne Ice in the national women’s ice hockey league. In addition to these roles Durham is head coach and director at Core Advantage Athletic development where he overseas the training of more than 250 athletes across 20+ sports. Durham also serves on the advisory board to the undergraduate exercise and sports science course at Deakin University. Durham is particularly interested in long term athletic development for junior athletes.

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Warm Up 2.0 Coach & Athlete Guide

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