Testing Results: GBA Summer Intensive, January 2018

Testing has been a long time coming for us at Core Advantage, but we have finally collected all the equipment, established some protocols and run our very first athletic testing combine.

And the results? 



The camp had 35 girls attend, average age of 12y 3m. The oldest athlete was 14y 5m and the youngest 9y 6m.


Lower Body Power

For lower body power we did a standard two foot vertical leap test. Jump height minus reach height in CM. The camp average was 31.4cm with 3 girls jumping over 40cm. 


Reactive Agility

We tested the girls on their ability to react and change direction in the NBA reactive agility test (video). The average time was the same as the 20m sprint, however individual scores on the tests varied based on unique strengths. 

long form infographic.001.png



The girls ranged in height from 138.5cm to 178.5cm and had a wingspan range from 138cm to 176cm. Ideally, an athletes wingspan should be longer than their height (hopefully the girls grow into this!). Ankle range of motion (knee to wall test) was on average 9.3. (goal of 10cm for reduced injury risk)



Using the timing gates we measured a 0-5m and 0-20m splits.

As a future tip to all athlete doing a timed sprint, always be sure to sprint through the last gate, some girls slowed down before the last gate on their first attempts.


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