EP.97 – Strength Training for Throwers – Shot, Discus, Javelin, Hammer

Podcast (24 Minutes) – While we definitely are not throws coaches (and aren’t trying to play them on the internet) we have had some incredible success working with throwers and their skill specific coaches in the last 18 months developing elite junior throwers and improving their whole body power.

We go into depth on why our program has been working so well for throwers, some of the most common mistakes when trying to develop strength as a thrower and the importance of core strength and stability for improving your throwing ability.



Some links you might find interesting related to this topic:

The Princess Bride video Durham mentioned. (Is Jacob the only person who has not seen this movie?) The quote is at 1:10.

Our random thoughts episode about shoulders

The Gillette World Sport Series from the 2016 Olympics, a great introduction to throwing for those looking to learn more. 
Shot Put

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