EP.53 – Why we Stretch Before Every Training Session and Game, and why you should too.

Podcast (15 Minutes) Stretching is a contentious topic, but much like last weeks episode on ice baths, the science can be a minefield of unrealistic studies and sensationalised media headlines.

The key to stretching before sport is in the details:
– Dosage: (25-30sec) of gently holding the position
– The correct stretches: (we love the crouching three for any running athletes, linked below)
– And to follow the stretches up with a proper activation and dynamic warm-up series.

We also cover:
– Where the science on stretching has gone wrong and how it under appreciates the nuance of stretching pre-exercise.
– How thinking and the scientific method are both valuable but need to be understood fully to apply
– How a short dose of the right stretches can have an incredible restorative effect on alignment, performance and long-term injury reduction and recovery
– We discuss thinking and the scientific method in general and how challenging traditional or preconceived theories can be challenging




Some resources and extra reading/watching:

New Yorker Article on the topic of thinking

Veritasium video on the flaws in the scientific method
Some articles on the same topic: 
Article 1
Article 2

The AIS stretching study (it was actually 2008): 
The negative effects of static stretching are restored when combined with a sport specific warm-up component

Two of our favourite exaggerated stretching protocol studies:
Article 1
Article 2

The Crouching Three (our favourite stretches)
Core Advantage’s activation and dynamic warm-up series:
Dynamic warm-up

One of our best articles on the topic of stretching and athletic performance

To download our full warm-up routine for free (PDF) head over to our website home page

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