EP.52 – Ice Baths Yay or Nay?, The Ulterior Motive on the Media; How to Read between the Lines

Podcast (16 Minutes) – Recently there was an article doing the rounds suggesting Ice baths are a waste of time, but when we dug a little deeper there was a little more to this story than first meets the ice…

The RadioNZ article 

The actual academic paper

PS: Ice baths for general recovery is a completely different topic to ice (RICE) for acute injury rehabilitation, we talk on that topic in the cryotherapy episode. You can also read more on RICE here

PPS: This is Episode 52, which makes it one full year of Random Thoughts, thank you so much for watching, giving feedback and your continued involvement in some brilliant open discussion!



A few extra resources:

New Yorker Article on thinking

Veritasium video on the scientific method

Our first Random thoughts on the topic of Cryotherapy

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