EP.50 – Preventing and Rehabilitating Hamstring Strains

Podcast (17 Minutes) – Over the last 12 months, Nordics have become a key criterion and point of progression for most of our athletes.

In today’s episode, we go deep on why we love them, 
– why they are better than a deadlift and RDL for brute eccentric hamstring strength
– the mistake we made regarding Corelfits
– why the Nordic isn’t quite perfect
– why sport doesn’t serve the hamstring well
– how eccentrics affect the collagen and titan in your muscles
– and how you can start adding them in without being sore for a week



Some resources:
This video from David Opar should provide a great summary of all things hamstrings:

David Opar and the hamstring injury research group have done a heap of work on the Nordic and its effect on injury risk (this link will take you to a heap of their academic papers which you can read for free)

Also the Nordbord website

Fascicle length

More on Titin (not Titan)

And collagen content of muscles (a small study but Jacob seems to be onto something)

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