EP.94 – Fundamentals. Why the simple stuff matters and how to avoid the social media trap

Podcast (27 Minutes) – Social media has opened incredible doors for companies and individuals to share ideas, thoughts and learn (for free) almost anything in the world.

Unfortunately, as the fight for attention heats up this leads to unrealistic representations of training and we see more and more exciting flashy “sand” type training and less of the foundational big rocks. In this episode, we try to balance the equation by giving a voice to the hidden vital parts of great training.




Nick Winkelman and the 3 P’s

Brett Bartholomew’s great plyo video

The big rocks concept is a key one not only in training but in everyday life.

This video of ours has some great tips for improving thoracic posture:

Our episode on all things training surfaces (including why sand is terrible)

And some other social media favourites that are really just decorations on your workout:
Agility ladders
Box jumps

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