EP.98 – Combine Testing Results – What separates great athletes from the rest

Podcast (38 Minutes) – With the first combine in the rearview mirror, we spent today’s episode taking a look into the stats and results of over 200 athletes to share with you the key factors that separate our best performers (top 10), the next best performers (11-20) and the rest of the population. With some obvious and not so obvious findings. 

In this wide-ranging conversation we cover:

– The difference between correlation and causation (and the Nicholas Cage effect)
– How to improve your hand span to help you control the ball
– The impact of strength on both vertical leap and agility
– How one of our athletes improved their vertical leap by 23cm in 18 months (!)
– The difference between relative and absolute strength and which is more important
– The key physical quality to focus on for team sport athletes
– The complementary nature of strength and technique improvements in speed in junior athletes.



Some extra resources:

Nicholas Cage article

Parts 1-3 of the combine articles
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 (this is where you will find a deeper dive into the statistics)

3 simple drills for running technique

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