EP.93 – Insights into the AFL, AFLW, and VFL Women’s from Collingwood FC Osteopath and former Core Advantage coach Michelle Andrews

Podcast (27 Minutes) – Michelle took some time out of her crazy schedule to visit, say hi and give us some thoughts and experiences from her time working in elite football on both the men’s and women’s sides.

Michelle talks in depth about a whole range of topics:

  • Her career progression from Core Advantage intern to working in the AFL
  • The many hats she wears in both private practice and elite sport
  • The methods she is implementing to prevent ACL injuries in the AFLW and VFL women’s (hint: they look a lot like warm up 2.0)
  • Her own ACL injury, how she broke her own training rules and the lessons learnt along the rehab
  • How her Strength and conditioning experience influences and helps her osteopathic treatment and vice versa
  • Insights into how an elite club like Collingwood runs as a football department and the differences and similarities to working at the semi-pro level in the VFL





You can find our videos about warm up 2.0 here

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