EP.15 – How to Run Faster. The Most Important Factor (Drills Included)

Podcast (11 Minutes) – What is the ONE THING to be focusing on when coaching sprinting/acceleration mechanics?

While track athletes place a heavy emphasis on the skill of running and focus plenty of their training time on the technical components of good sprinting and running mechanics it is athletes on either end of the spectrum (team sport athletes and recreational runners) who are often desperately in need of putting more attention and focus on the biomechanics and technical details of running more efficiently. Not only does better running technique increase acceleration power and top speed, it also reduces injury risk by reducing braking forces and joint stress.



Heaps of resources for this one:

Some show notes:
Read more about the people we mention:
Mike Young
Nick Winkelman
Tom Maher

All these videos come from our running playlists:
Sprinting and acceleration 
Longer distance running 

Two must-watch videos for anyone who runs distances greater than 50m at a time
How to run beautifully 
The Problem with a heel strike 

The fundamentals of sprinting and acceleration science
What separates good from great sprinters 
More Science about good vs bad sprinters 
The Sprint Unification Theory

Drills for acceleration
3 Simple drills 
2 Acceleration Cues 
Arm Drive 
Knee Drive 

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