EP.62 – Nutrition Part 2

Podcast (27 Minutes) – Pre-, Intra-, Post-, Training, Workout, Game, Race day nutrition strategies

Nutrition around training and competition is a contentious topic that can be confusing and often overwhelming. 

In today’s episode, we cover:

  • Carb loading
  • Fat adaptation for endurance athletes (but not anaerobic athletes)
  • Meal timing and choices pre training 
  • Do you need sports drinks during competition (probably not)
  • The anabolic window (it is a real thing that is vital for elite and junior athletes)
  • Post workout meal choices

You should probably start by going back to part 1 and listening/watching it first, a lot of today’s episode builds on the topics we covered in the first episode.



Precision nutrition (these guys are the best in the business)

The Glycemic index (Durham was right, the baseline is pure glucose)
Precision Nutrition on Carbs

Our old (but still relevant) article on pre-game nutrition

Hydration article and video

Protein article

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