EP.89 – How Hard should you train, RPE, HRV and the Central governor

Podcast 25 Minutes – Training is essential if you want to improve your performance, reduce your risk of injury and generally be a healthier, more highly functioning human.

But how hard should you train?

And how often?

And how do you measure your training intensity?

Measuring and quantifying training volume and intensity is half art and half science, we are constantly tracking and planning ahead for all our athletes to help them maximise performance come ’sports day’…



Some links:

Dr Darren Burgess is one of the world leaders on all things volume load and athlete monitoring.

This link will take you to all his research, which is quite prolific

And this link, in particular, will take you directly to his paper on the mini-fitness test that can be used to determine athlete physiological readiness.

Here is a link to our videos and article on how to manage athlete loading

And another article/video of ours on how fatigue works

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