EP.24 – Standing Desks or Compulsory Exercise

Podcast 7 Minutes – If we were emperor’s of the world but only had one law to pass, which would be more beneficial to humanity: Standing desks or a mandatory 60-minutes of exercise every day?



If you don’t have a standing desk you might like to check out our anti-desk workout series

Or if you want some ideas for short sharp workouts to get you started on the 60-minutes a day try these:

The amazing benefits of HIIT training

Duz-fit – Our twist on Crossfit

8:12s – Still the #1 most effective and efficient interval method you can do on the bike

Express Cardio – Another intervals option on the bike for absolute time efficiency

Repeat Sprints – Great running based workout for team and chaotic sport athletes

Game-Fit – One of the best ways of simulating match fitness in the off-season or when returning from injury

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