EP.81 – How to get ripped for Summer, Spot Reduction and how to Survive Bikini Panic

Podcast 23 Minutes – To get a six pack you should do 100s of crunches every night right? Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that easy. Check out this weeks episode to find out why spot reduction doesn’t exist and why getting a summer body isn’t as hard as it might seem.



The two nutrition episodes are a great place to start for getting the ‘kitchen’ part of the abs equation sorted.

Nutrition fundamentals (part 1)

Pre, intra, and post workout nutrition (part 2)

Just because spot reduction doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still train your core. Try out our 5-minute abs for a great functional circuit you can do at home.

Derek Sivers – Relax for the same result article, such a powerful concept that applies to exercise, nutrition and life in general.

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