EP.63 – Soccer

Podcast 20 Minutes – All about soccer; injuries, problems and easy wins.

In this episode we centre the conversation around soccer, it’s differences and similarities to AFL, the most common injuries and problems we see in our athletes, the benefits strength training and a proper warm up can have for durability, speed, power and performance for the soccer (football) athlete.



Some resources:
For a complete soccer specific warm up you should:
Foam roll
Neural floss & Seated Adductor stretch
Crouching 3 stretches
Glute and Core Activation
The FIFA 11

Durham’s three biggest influences in strength and conditioning
Mike Boyle
Mark Verstegen and his company EXOS
Dr Darren Burgess

Here are two articles explaining piriformis syndrome vs sciatica diagnosis, if you have these problems or pain definitely seek medical advice.

Article one
Article two

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