EP.76 – Develop Explosive Punching Power

Podcast 26 Minutes – With the Mayweather-McGregor fight just past we talk about the missing ingredients for fighters to develop explosive punching power. Hint: It doesn’t involve cable punches…



Here are the resources we mention in the episode:

Intent to move is a lifting concept that maximises the power and strength development of weight training 

External points of focus are best when lifting for power that’s why you should try and push the ground on your lower body lifting and push ups

Push vs Pull – Keep your upper body training balanced for symmetry, a happy rotator cuff and eccentric control of your throwing

Bench Press Tips – Still a vital ingredient, we also discuss why you should be incorporating some dumbbell along with barbell work and push ups

Are you danger blind? For most males (and some females) in their teens and twenties the answer is probably yes!

Random Thoughts on shoulders – We talk all things shoulder health with lifting

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