EP.25 – The BEST way to burn the MOST fat

Podcast 11 Minutes – The “fat burning zone” a myth that needed debunking!

While a higher percentage of your energy comes from fat at a lower intensity of work, it’s a smaller total. This graph sums things up nicely:


Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 12.30.42 PM.png




For more on conditioning for athletes: 

The go-to article on sport specific fitness

Our vlog on intervals for fat loss

The magical benefits of HIIT training

Duz-fit, our Crossfit alternative that is safer but just as effective

8:12s on the spin bike

Express Cardio, another super efficient bike workout

Repeat Sprints, Running based conditioning work for athletes

Game-Fit, The closest you will get to match type intensity short of playing the game for basketball, netball, football, rugby, soccer, and tennis.

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